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Crimson Crowbar Instagram Feeds

Duz wee Haz Instagrammmazzzz???

We duz…… So far we have – Emily_Violin crimsoncrowbar Toddwolfdrums Couldn’t find any WadeBiery or DaveShelton, but they may be out there as other things, let us know if you know. If you use these tags then your pics should show up in these feeds, we’ll see how well this works but I think it […]

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Original Music!

Members of Crimson Crowbar have original music and CD’s of their OWN!!

Yes….it’s true. Some of us in Crimson Crowbar also have our own original music, which we like very much, and think you might like as well….! So we’re gonna share that with you….. Dave has his own self produced CD (you can read the writeup about it on Dave’s Bio page), and here’s the links […]

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