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So even WE find it almost surreal, but fact is, we’re haven’t yet scheduled anything for New Year’s Eve, and while partying like lunatics in certainly in our repertoire and genetic makeup, doing with it a bunch of our friends and fellow loons (you) would be WAY better and a very good time for all!!

To that end we’re putting it out there for all to know and keep in mind that as of right now, we’re available for New Year’s Eve, to play/party/hoot and holler, at your party or event!!

So you have a New Year’s idea that this info works well with, let’s talk, and if you’re a venue/bar/event that hasn’t booked your band for that night, then….Let’s Talk!!

Thanx all, looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Crimson Crowbar


Crimson a party!

Crimson Crowbar….at a party!

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Crimson Crowbar Feb 8th The Black Marlin (Gary Goubert)

Crimson Crowbar Feb 8th The Black Marlin (Gary Goubert)

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New Pics Coming!!

Our new friend from The Black Marlin Gary Goubert has sent us a TON of great pics, thus proving our theory that there are awesome pics of us out there  just BEGGING to be seen….so in any case we’ll be posting many of those soon, maybe YOU are in one….?

(If you ARE and you don’t want to be, let us know..wink wink…nudge nudge)

Crimson Crowbar Live

Crimson Crowbar Live at The Black Marlin 2/8/15 – by Gary Goubert

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Members of Crimson Crowbar have original music and CD's of their OWN!!

Yes….it’s true.

Some of us in Crimson Crowbar also have our own original music, which we like very much, and think you might like as well….! So we’re gonna share that with you…..

Dave has his own self produced CD (you can read the writeup about it on Dave’s Bio page), and here’s the links to it –

And you can listen to his CD on iTunes radio David Shelton here.


Wade has 2 of his own self produced CD’s….

Almost all of Wade’s released music is also available for streaming and purchase in many digital formats from Bandcamp – Wade’s Music on Bandcamp

The Distance –

and “I don’t mind” –

 Let us know what you think!!

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We had a blast last night, thank you for coming and enjoying St. Paddy’s with us!!

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So if you do Twitter, you might look into Periscope as well, which is a very cool live app that we will be using more and more to put impromptu live performances on the web from almost anywhere at any time…!

You’ll need Periscope, and a Twitter account, and you’ll need to “Follow” us at CrimsonCrowbar1, and once you do that, when we begin broadcasting, a “Tweet” will go out and you can instantly connect with the live feed, as long as you have a data connection, wherever you are!

It works quite well and it’s really quite entertaining and fun to play with, check it out!!

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Newer!! Simpler!! Better!! Facebook name…..!!

Actually, it’s just that we changed the Facebook name to be a name, instead of one of those big dumb numbers….

Here it is – !!

Tell your friends, share it around, it’s glossy and slick and it rolls off your tongue like budder…..

It’s just that simple, and yes, we know some dude has the one we really wanted, but what’re ya gonna do, fight the FaceBook?!?!?



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Thanx to the efforts of our lovely and talented Emily Kilimnik, we now have an INSTAGRAM setup!! So if you use the tag #crimsoncrowbar when posting on Instagram (if it’s a pic of us, and not your dog….well, OK, even then….), then it should show up in our Instagram, which is likely to be a very interesting feed in no time at all….!!


Let’s see how THIS develops…..

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Now we’re REALLY Instagrammed…!

Right HERE!!

Notice the “Load More” button at the bottom…..

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Company Money REPORTING

Company Money REPORTING


Barrat Developments is actually a house setting up establishment that may be based in the uk. The companies take delight in remaining the range on dwelling Creating Company inside the excellent United kingdom (Barratt site). (more…)

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