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Duz wee Haz Instagrammmazzzz???

We duz……

So far we have –

  • Emily_Violin
  • crimsoncrowbar
  • Toddwolfdrums

Couldn’t find any WadeBiery or DaveShelton, but they may be out there as other things, let us know if you know.

If you use these tags then your pics should show up in these feeds, we’ll see how well this works but I think it does pretty well…..

You can find our feeds thru our menu above – MEDIA/PHOTOS/*various choices* !

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Thanx to the efforts of our lovely and talented Emily Kilimnik, we now have an INSTAGRAM setup!! So if you use the tag #crimsoncrowbar when posting on Instagram (if it’s a pic of us, and not your dog….well, OK, even then….), then it should show up in our Instagram, which is likely to be a very interesting feed in no time at all….!!


Let’s see how THIS develops…..

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