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Wade Todd Dave @ The Olde Ship in Santa Ana

Wade Todd Dave @ The Olde Ship in Santa Ana

We need your help!

Give us your best photos and videos from our shows you’ve seen!

We see a lot of movies/pics being made while we play, but we almost never get to see them ourselves, so we’d LOVE to!!

We’re also going to be making some edited and entertaining videos for a few different things, and we’d love to get you involved, and this is a good way to practice uploading your media to us.

Simply email any pics/video you may have to us at –


and we’ll take it from there!!

Use as hi resolution file as you can (usually that means you’ll need to move it from your phone to the computer, but not always), and name it so that we know when and where it was taken and by whom, i.e. “BlackMarlin10-20-14BobSmith.mp4″ so we’ll know more about how to use it, and who to include in the credits!!

It doesn’t have to be a long clip, and they don’t have to be perfect pics, in fact in many cases the goofier it is the better!

*UPDATE* – Files need to be 250 MB and smaller, so if you need to make a vid in smaller chunks, maybe also add “PT1, PT2, PT3″ etc to the name…..

Thank you in advance, we look forward to seeing what you have on us!!


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