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Our friend Andre came down the other day to our show at the Black Marlin (yummy!) in Tustin and made THIS VIDEO of us playing “Old Man” by Neil Young, we think you’ll like it!!


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So even WE find it almost surreal, but fact is, we’re haven’t yet scheduled anything for New Year’s Eve, and while partying like lunatics in certainly in our repertoire and genetic makeup, doing with it a bunch of our friends and fellow loons (you) would be WAY better and a very good time for all!!

To that end we’re putting it out there for all to know and keep in mind that as of right now, we’re available for New Year’s Eve, to play/party/hoot and holler, at your party or event!!

So you have a New Year’s idea that this info works well with, let’s talk, and if you’re a venue/bar/event that hasn’t booked your band for that night, then….Let’s Talk!!

Thanx all, looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Crimson Crowbar


Crimson a party!

Crimson Crowbar….at a party!

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Saturday Virginia Country Club

A few pix from the day…


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Want a Drum SOLO?!?!

Here’s Todd Wolf to help with that…

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We’ve Hit the Big Time!!


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Good times!

Good things happen when we’re around…


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ANOTHER VIDEO!!! We’re on a roll, Can’t Always Get What You Want

8-2-15 The Black Marlin Tustin, Thanx to Rick and Nicole Shean for the clip!!


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More video, Emily CHAIR SOLO….yes, we know….shocking….

We know for a fact that this is in the RAWK manual, please do not be alarmed by what you’re about to see.

As always, thanx to the folks that made and provided this video to us, Rick and Nicole Shean. Just think, if YOU wanted to have your video here, you TOTALLY could!!

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Yep, like we said…more video!!

Crimson Crowbar playing “Creep”, just the other day!!

Thanx to Rick and Nicole Shean for taking the video and sharing it with us!

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Here’s another Live video!!

Taken by our bud Michael Elliot at The Black Marlin in Tustin CA

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