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Duz wee Haz Instagrammmazzzz???

We duz……

So far we have –

  • Emily_Violin
  • crimsoncrowbar
  • Toddwolfdrums

Couldn’t find any WadeBiery or DaveShelton, but they may be out there as other things, let us know if you know.

If you use these tags then your pics should show up in these feeds, we’ll see how well this works but I think it does pretty well…..

You can find our feeds thru our menu above – MEDIA/PHOTOS/*various choices* !

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ANOTHER VIDEO!!! We’re on a roll, Can’t Always Get What You Want

8-2-15 The Black Marlin Tustin, Thanx to Rick and Nicole Shean for the clip!!


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More video, Emily CHAIR SOLO….yes, we know….shocking….

We know for a fact that this is in the RAWK manual, please do not be alarmed by what you’re about to see.

As always, thanx to the folks that made and provided this video to us, Rick and Nicole Shean. Just think, if YOU wanted to have your video here, you TOTALLY could!!

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Here’s another Live video!!

Taken by our bud Michael Elliot at The Black Marlin in Tustin CA

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